Introducing FlexiSAF Generative AI and Data Science Internship Program

The FlexiSAF Generative AI and Data Science program combines the fundamental principles of AI and Data Science with the transformative power of generative AI. Led by experienced industry experts it is aimed at preparing interns for careers in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Why FlexiSAF Internship

FlexiSAF is striving to reinvent learning, nurture talent and inspire people to make lifelong positive career decisions as well as carrying out Corporate Social Responsibilities by training and mentoring talent within our communities.

The Program

The Program is geared at touching lives and influencing positive career decisions by training, mentoring and nurturing talent within our communities

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be able to commit a minimum of 40 hours a week throughout the period of the internship program.
  • Applicants must have completed a minimum of Senior Secondary School and obtained their Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE/ WAEC/ NECO/ NABTEB).
  • Program is also open to students enrolled in a university or equivalent of a tertiary institution seeking for SIWES or NYSC placement as well as graduates.
  • All applicants must own a computer or have one available at their disposal during the program.
  • Internet access is required during the duration of the program.
  • Show and demonstrate keen interest in software development, design, or any Information Technology related career path.

What you stand to gain

Following a successful internship program at FlexiSAF, interns who have excelled may be gainfully employed as a member of Staff or connected with one of our Strategic partners in the tech industry. Interns will learn and be guided by innovative and inspiring Engineers, gain valuable experience working on real-life education-centric solutions in a corporate setting. Generally, Interns will be involved with various departments and may contribute to interesting projects in the long run.


Internship Applications for September – December 2024 Cohort 2024 cohort are now open.

Front End Development

Learn front-end development from Engineers with years of experience whilst working on the most promising and Fulfilling projects.

HTML | CSS | Javascript | ReactJS

Back End Development

Learn from engineers who have spent years developing one of the most utilized school management software in Nigeria.

Java | Spring | Flyway | Quarkus

UI/UX Design

Our brilliant design curriculum caters for all aspects of design, enough to inspire the most phenomenal user experience.

Figma | Creative Cloud | Design Foundations

Brand Identity Design

Our brilliant design curriculum caters for all aspects of design, enough to inspire the most phenomenal user experience.

Figma | Creative Cloud | Design Foundations

Generative AI and Data Science

Our Generative AI and Data Science program is designed to nurture the next generation of AI talents who will drive innovation and opportunities.

Python | TensorFlow | NLP | GANs

Frequently Asked Questions

What basic knowledge is required of me prior to joining the program?

Basic software development and design skills are required as applicants are expected to undergo technical assessment for placement. However, your level of understanding of the technologies involved and skill determines your placement.

Are there different stages of placement?

There are three stages of placement; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced stages.

What are the areas of focus for the program?

The learning paths are Frontend and Backend Development, Brand Identity Design and UI/UX Design

Can I get a job following the internship?

Judging by our curriculum, the skills you acquire at the advanced stage of the program may be just the right amount needed to secure a job. However , this is highly dependent on you as an individual.

How long is the duration of the program?

Typically, the program lasts for four months for every stage.
As it spreads across three stages, the total duration covers an entire year.

How many windows a year are available for the program?

There are three windows: Term 1 (January to April), Term 2 ( May to August) and Term 3 (September to December). Anyone applying must send in their applications before the start of a new Term while applications are still open. Please note that acceptance is based on the availability of openings and performance in assessment.

I am currently a student seeking for industrial training placement. Can I join the program?

Absolutely! Students are welcome aboard the program so long as they pass through the assessment process.

Can I switch from one learning path to another after the program has commenced?

No. Migration from one to path to another after the program has started is not allowed to switch between learning paths once the program has commenced.

I currently live outside Abuja. Can I apply for the program?

The program is mostly remote for most participants therefore, we are taking applications from participants resident in Nigeria. However, applicants resident outside Abuja, Kano and Adamawa who fall under the SIWES and NYSC categories will not be able to join as certain obligations can not be fulfilled.

What are the learning methods?

The learning methods are based on a curated curriculum for each learning stage and path. The program is mostly dependent on self-study learning methods with text and video based study resources and there are assigned mentors available to help in case you get stuck.

What happens if I am unable to cope with the learning methods of the program?

Depending on the learning stage that you were placed in initially, you might be placed on a lower stage to ease you back up. However, basic study resources will be provided to ease you in gently.